Hello everyone, I've been told through Facebook that some of the players are having problems with deleted accounts. I imagine the problem is that they've been using temporary accounts and they have been using the wrong login method, so here i'll explain the right way of creating an account and how to login into it, i'll also explain the wrong way of doing this.

I only have android devices, so i have no idea if this process is any different in IOS.

Creating an account:

Alright so first time we open the game, the GumpTech login window will popup.
Login 1

This window can be pretty confusing, since there's a Play Now button, and a Login button. The Play Now button is the one we must avoid, I've come to the conclusion that this button creates a temporary account which will allow us to play without a GumpTech account, giving us later the option of binding it to an email.

Bind to email1

So then, which is the right way of starting to play this game? First of all, once the GumpTech window pops up, we should press the Signup button at the bottom of the window.

Login 1

After that, we should enter the email we want to use for our game account and the password.

Signup 1

At last, we must press the Login button at the GumpTech window, not the Play Now one.

Login signup

From now on, remember to always press the Login button and not the Play Now one.