Belts are equipments, which enhances the HP and Initial Rage of characters.

These could be found in the Arena Shop and at Events.

The materials for upgrading (forging) the belts could be found in the Arena Shop.

Name Stats Materials Gold Needed Special Belts Stats
Leather Belt
2015-04-15 18.23.47
Initial Rage +5

Max HP 2%

N.A. N.A. World Cup Shorts
2015-04-15 18.28.22
Initial Rage +28

Max HP 11%

Pirates Belt
2015-04-15 18.24.51
Initial Rage +10

Max HP 4%

Design Lv.2 20k Rage Belt
2015-04-15 18.28.57
Initial Rage +28

Max HP 11%

Navy Belt
2015-04-15 18.26.29
Initial Rage +15

Max HP 6%

Design Lv.3 100k
Pirate Loincloth
2015-04-15 18.27.05
Initial Rage +20

Max HP 8%

Design Lv.4 100k
Sailor Belt
2015-04-15 18.27.37
Initial Rage +25

Max HP 10%

Design Lv.5 1M

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