By forging Boots, you can increase the Speed and the Max HP of your characters.

Boots Special Boots
Name Stats-Increase Requirement Name Stats-Increase Requirement
Sailor Sneakers
(Lv1) Sailor Sneakers
SPD +500

Max HP +2%

n.a Liberty Shoes
Liberty Shoes
SPD +2000

Max HP +8%

Story Mode / Treasure Hunt
Pirates Cloth Shoes
(Lv2) Pirates Cloth Shoes
SPD +1000

Max HP +4%

Design Lv.2 Sloth Boots
Sloth Boots
SPD +3980

Max HP +18%

Recharge/Consume Event
Navy Training Shoes
(Lv3) Navy Training Shoes
SPD +1500

Max HP +6%

Design Lv.3 World Cup Shoes
World Cup Shoes
SPD +3980

Max HP +18%

Points Store / Treasure Hunt
Canvas Shoes
(Lv4) Canvas Shoes
SPD +2000

Max HP +8%

Design Lv.4 Sleigh
SPD +4500

Max HP +20%

Christmas Event / Consume/Recharge Event
Fine Sneakers
(Lv5) Fine Sneakers
SPD +2500

Max HP +10%

Design Lv.5
Nave Chasing Shoes
(Lv6) Nave Chasing Shoes
SPD +3000

Max HP +12%

Design Lv.6
Air-cushion Shoes
(Lv7) Air-cushion Shoes
SPD +3500

Max HP +14%

Design Lv.7
Milky Dial Shoes
(Lv8) Milky Dial Shoes
SPD +4000

Max HP +16%

Design Lv.8

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