I Cant download the game from my country, Plz make it to download it, my country is Albania Please add here all kinds of Errors/Glitches you want to report. Here are some of mine/of others.

Important: If possible, add the system / phone you're using and a possible solutions

Laboon seems not to work for everyone. System: Iphone - Solution: unknown

The Infinite screen is showing up (9999 Belly, 99 notification etc.): System: Iphone - Solution: restart

The ingame screen freezes (mostly at Union): System: Android. Iphone - Solution: restart

I always disconnect from the game: System: Iphone, Android - Solution: keep trying, reboot the phone

The App closes itself every 5-15min for no reason: System: Android (HTC One m7) - Solution: unknown

Screen freezes after log-in: System: Android, lenovo

- Solution: keep trying

Ogi is lost (Rage Bar drops from 100 to 0) if its activated after the very last attack of a round (Auto Attack)

Ogi is lost (Rage Bar drops from 100 to 0) if its activated and Garp or Burgess are attacking before the Character is attacking with Ogi (they normally steal between 5 and 20 Rage, but in that case, they steel 100)

Game closes every now and then at the end of a battle causing the player to re log and re do the battle