Lucky Box is a system where you can obtain specific Items at random.

There are 3 chests: a golden, a silver and a bronze one.

Each of them contains different items, the best in golden, and the worst in bronze.

You can obtain the keys through either the time-limited challenge or through buying them at treasure island at a quantity of 5(Bronze Key [50 Belly], Silver Key [125 Belly], Golden Key [500 Belly]). You can also exchange keys at Summit Arena shop at a quantity of 1 for 5 times each. (Copper [100 Honor], Silver[200 Honor], Gold[500 Honor])

[NOTE] Some items can be obtained but aren't shown in the rewards section!

Golden Chest:

Gold box Update

Silver Chest:

Silver box Update

Bronze Chest:

Copper box Update

Use them when it's 1.5 exp or at events to have the biggest benefit out of the containing energy.

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